Saturday, May 16, 2015

When Writing A Cover Letter, Formal Matters

In this age of lightening-speed answers being available at the click of a button, be careful that the answer you're seeking holds up to formal protocol. In this instance, I'm speaking of the cover letter required with submission of your resume. My best advice would be to consult either a university's formatting or the most recent version of a contemporary-language handbook. Accepting the advice of random bloggers will most likely lack the formal guidelines expected by employers. Yes, formal. Your cover letter should include a formal heading, not merely a date and greeting. Speaking of greeting, in a recent research I learned that the proverbial "To Whom This May Concern" is considered too impersonal, while "Hello" is too personal. So, with a little research you'll decide what fits the job you're applying for best. In this age of the informal email and text-messaging shorthand; things that matter most are kept to a higher requisite; which makes sense when you put it in perspective of priorities. While LOL might be okay when chitchatting with pals, the cover letter offers employers a glimpse into your ability to communicate beyond the everyday vernacular. So bottom line indies, put your best foot forward when writing a cover letter. After all, it is the writing of this letter that may help you get you the perfect job which blesses you to pursue your love for writing a book with many letters, that is alphabetical letters. Get it? Okay, blessings all!
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