Saturday, May 9, 2015

Note to Self: Preview, Preview, Preview...Then Publish!!!!

I have this habit that I'm really trying to correct, and thought sharing with you might help. When writing a post, most times I write in MS-Word, then copy and paste into the blog. As most know, this doesn't always transfer true to form; but inadvertently, I will hit the publish button when actually I should hit the Preview button to make sure it reads fair the first time I publish it.
The habit of hitting publish causes countless updates, and I think may prove a distraction to readers, though they've been too kind to complain. Sometimes, I can only chuckle nervously at what they might get when I'm in the middle of publishing and updating for the 5,000th time.
So, in a nutshell, self included, train yourself to preview, preview, preview before the final publish. That little orange button staring at me seems to say click me, click me.
Be blessed guys. Keep writing. The gift's inside. Share it with the world.
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