Monday, May 18, 2015

I Believe in Summer School & Dual-Language Requisites

Summer is almost here. Most schools offer summer-school programs for enrichment. As a proponent of year-round schools I strongly encourage you to allow your child/ren to attend even if they are functioning on grade-level. If you have the summer all mapped out, please include reading and word-problem lessons as part of this very lengthy 12-week hiatus. Most teachers spend the first grading period re-teaching skills from the previous grade's final semester. Even though the curriculum is set up to start from where students left off in the spring, the readjustment period is a lot less stressful if their skills are already 'pencil' sharp.

One more thing. I'm going to suggest that you begin teaching your 2nd-graders (at latest) basic Spanish-vocabulary. Most countries teach and speak dual-languages. I believe the U.S. is finally moving in this direction. I'm hopeful that eventually all students will be required to master Spanish K-12 classes as part of graduation requirements.

Peace. And Happy Summer!
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