Monday, October 6, 2014

Some Days I Miss The Typewriter

Let's face it: As with everything the computer has significant limitations. When it's functioning top of the line it's a wonderful thing. However, when it gets a virus it can really make a writer rethink the whole technology hype. A keyboard is vital for getting the printed word out. Wouldn't you know it; just as I'm loading my next book, my wireless internet gets chewed up like Pac Man. Hee hee telling my age? Maybe. Well it seems for the sake of time and progress I will be investing in a new PC. I'm tempted to buy a refurbished model; but I believe some things are better bought new. My exp with a refurbished pc revealed tons of hidden files from the previous owner. It was sold as a clean install. NOT SO!!!!!!! Just s tip if you consider buying a used version: When you get rid of a computer remove the hard drive first. Forgive any errors...keep smiling especially when your reasons to do so diminish.

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