Monday, October 6, 2014

A Challenge For You

I couldn't help but notice the job market isn't as rosey as first "thought"; and, only 51% of the U.S. population is employed without supplemental support from the government. My challenge to you, should you dare take it is: In the next five days, buy at least one thing made by, and in the United States. No, this is not a shameless plug to buy my book. This is a heart-felt plea to take a look at where everything you purchase is made. I am sad to know the fish from my local market has origins in Asia. I'm stepping away from the light-heartedness of my children's book to say if you're a little person trying to make it happen, put your money where you live. When I got the proof for my book, I was joyed to see it was made in Charleston, South Carolina. I've never been there; but whimsical me, hopes to go there just to see where my book was MANUFACTURED in the USA. That's all. I think for starters I'll visit the new spice store this week. Yes, granted the spices most likely come from other countries; but, the packaging and storefront owner is local. I can't help but know some part of my book has roots in China; and mind you, China is not the problem; however, too few things made in the USA is.
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