Thursday, September 4, 2014

If Your Child Can't Read, It's Up to You to Teach

When we were kids in school, my mother used to always say, "If the teacher can't teach you, then it's up to me." For me it was mostly math; but, too many children are struggling in a key area of academics: READING. If your child is struggling with reading skills, please invest in a phonics workbook, and do one page a day, focusing on a particular skill.

Teaching reading is something some teachers admit they 'simply don't know how to teach.' Yes, you heard it right. It's been decades since I was in the classroom so don't ask who said what, when and where. I'm sure it was around coffee at some boring inservice meeting. However, just as a license doesn't gurarantee you a great physician, a teaching certificate does not prove the effectiveness of a teacher. This is not a knock against teachers; because, the majority of them ARE effective and genuinely love and care about children; but, in the event you get one that's just embarking, you should be willing and ready to help strengthen your child in areas of weakness.

I was astounded at the boxer's comment that with millions in the bank he didn't need to know how to read. That's perfect slave mentality considering owners didn't want slaves to read because they would become empowered. Bottom line parents, your children have to become avid readers; because in the words of Val Arie....Children who learn to read will eventually read to learn.

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