Sunday, September 7, 2014

ATTN Parents: Just Say NO to Big Pharma

It is about that time in the school year when teachers start getting weary of hyperactive students craving a deeper learning experience. Unfortunately, the solution for too many children, particularly boys, is a dose of mind-numbing prescription drugs to calm the child. As a parent, it is your responsibility to decline the offer, and if necessary show up at school every day until your child "gets it;" whatever "gets it" means. I realize showing up may not be feasible; however, declining tv time, etc. can get the message across that discipline is a reality of life. The bottom-line is, drugging your child is not the solution. I realize there are the rare exceptions; but, getting "government compensation" to put your child on drugs, which ultimately do not work, and in the vast majority of cases interferes with the natural DNA of the child,  is not worth the long-term costs to his mental well-being. There are natural solutions for hyperactive children. Research...research...research!
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