Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is Home-Schooling Right For Your Child?

We are living in a time where socialized education is proving that we do not live in a one-size-fits-all society. Now that we are well into the second week of school for most learners, the reality has begun to set in for many parents that the regular classroom setting is stifling the emotional well-being of their child/ren.

Research is proving out that many minority populations, specifically African Americans, are opting out of public school systems in record numbers in exchange for homeschooling and privatized charter-school programs. This is a positive start towards change. I am a strong proponent of little-red-school-house settings where students have versatility in curriculum according to their needs and interests.

The fact that public education is more about passing standardized tests than developing the creative spirit of learners is a clear indicator why its rankings are failing to compete with other countries. If you are going to bed, and waking in the  morning with the frustration that "something just isn't right" it's probably because it isn't. Don't get me wrong. Public school works for a large majority of students; but, realistically, if your child is struggling in a classroom of 20+ kids, it's up to you to find something better; even if that something better means taking tax dollars and putting towards a private home-school setting. Do your research parents. You owe it to your children. If your child is adjusting and thriving, Praise God! However, if it is clear that either discipline or academics is an ongoing problem, you might consider the home-school approach. This is especially true for the formative years, Pre-K thru 3rd grade. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you might be the perfect teacher for your child.

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