Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This book design was created by the Creator. It came to me, as most inspirations, within minutes. I jotted down the lines, and knew no thing, absolutely nothing about creating a book. Thanks to YouTube angels and many hours of research I self-taught myself how to use clip art and PhotoShop to edit pictures to size. Most of the work was done in PowerPoint. Apache Office has a similar program; but, I find it much easier to work with PowerPoint. If you had told me I would create a book from beginning to end and publish it online (currently on Kindle) I would have to admit it was totally out of my scope of perception. But, after lots of focus, the work is done. Well, the print version is almost done. I had to totally revamp it; which is part of the process of a finished project. I can say the end result will be slightly different than the Kindle version. If I could make a living publishing books it would be an offer I couldn't refuse! It's been said, "Do what you love and the money will follow." I say, "Do what you love, period." Whatever you have to do to pay the bills, do that. But always, do what you love. That's where your healing energy arises from. I would rather work at a department store to pay the bills and save my energy to do the things I love than to do something I hate, being too drained for the things I love to do. Just a thought...

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