Saturday, March 14, 2015

Everything in Moderation

When you're doing something you absolutely love, remember to not tip the scale  in such a way that passion makes you lose sight of the equal importance of profitability. Indies still need to 'wait tables' while pursuing what they know in their heart-of-hearts they were put into the universe to do. After all, no one believes you're really meant to do something unless your efforts produce sustainable results! In real terms, your project must never trump your need to take care of yourself. Otherwise, you really may become a 'starving artist' :)!

So let's take a look at balance: time for work, time for play, time for family, time for friends, time to create...24 hours in a day...which leaves on average five hours for each....So, it's probably a good thing to find a part-time job that pays what a full-time gig would pay...let's see....hmmm?....that's something to consider!

In any area, remember that love must always be in the equation!
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